Our business focuses on the design, installation, financing and maintenance of commercial and industrial solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for private consumption, ranging in size from 80kWp to 10MWp. We offer grid-connected, hybrid (solar/genset) and off-grid (storage) solar PV solutions across Sub-Saharan Africa. We are flexible in our commercial offering, which ranges from turn-key EPC solutions with full performance warranties to fully funded solar PV systems with no capital outlay required by the client.

CDC-backed Gridworks shall invest in Mettle Solar Investments. <read more>


Mettle Solar Solutions
Mettle Solar Solutions
Mettle Solar Solutions
Mettle Solar Solutions


Heine Prinsloo

Francois van Themaat
T: +27 21 915 3300
E: fthemaat@mettle.net

Byron Norval
T: +27 21 915 3300
E: bnorval@mettle.net

Justin Flanagan
T: +27 21 915 3300
E: jflanagan@mettle.net

Geoffrey Ronoh
T: +254 721 466 337
E: geoffrey.ronoh@ofgen.co.ke

Jibril Omar
T: +254 717 392 181
E: jibril@ofgen.co.ke

Axel Scholle
T: +27 21 851 6308
E: axel@powersolutions.co.za

Alister Inglesby
T: +27 21 915 3300
E: alister@green-create.com


Mettle Specialised Solutions

Sustainable Power Solutions (SPS)
Sustainable Power Solutions (SPS) is South Africa’s leading commercial rooftop Solar PV specialist and has over 30 years of dedicated Solar PV engineering expertise.

trigen green create waste-to-value solutions

Green Create
Green Create, is a global leading provider of waste treatment and waste to energy solutions which provides unsurpassed value through innovative technologies as a BOO to clients.

Mettle Solar Solutions

OFGEN is a Kenyan-based, professional turn-key renewable energy company that designs, supplies, maintains, and installs solar PV and thermal products for domestic and commercial markets.

Mettle Specialised Solutions

Receive timely, client-focused funding for your power and infrastructure projects. In addition to debt, for your energy sector projects within sub-Saharan Africa, we can assist you to access development risk capital and equity for your late-stage transactions.


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Cape Town, South Africa

PO Box 3991, Tygervalley, 7536