Mettle Sponsor Services

Sponsor Services


Mettle is a JSE Approved Equity Sponsor. Mettle is therefore able to add JSE equity sponsor services to its established corporate and specialised finance offerings.

The sponsor team is led by Doné Hattingh who has been a JSE Approved Executive since 1997. Doné is supported by Mettle’s Corporate and Specialised Finance teams. As a result Mettle has a sponsor team with specialist qualifications and experience that is able to combine transaction related advice with assistance with JSE related continuing obligations.

Mettle Sponsor Services is therefore able to provide a full service offering to our clients which includes, inter alia, the following:

JSE continuing obligations

  • Periodic Financial Reporting
  • Notices of AGM
  • Press Releases
  • Trading Statements
  • Dividend / distribution announcements
  • Sundry announcements
  • Ruling requests
  • Applications for listings of new shares
  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Directors training
  • Notifications of and training on old/new Listings Requirements

JSE Transactional Sponsor

  • Equity and debt specific transaction advice and support
  • Corporate action timelines
  • Circulars and supporting documentation