Debtors Finance Tabs

Enjoy the benefits of improved cash flow.

  • Predictable Cash Flow
    Immediate same-day payout – no lengthy waiting periods for payments. Debtors are instantly converted into CASH!.
  • Provides working capital
    With “cash in hand” you will be empowered to negotiate better discounts with your suppliers.
  • Savings
    A flexible savings plan designed for whatever purpose.
  • Lower Debt Costs
    No initiation, raising or administration fees are charged when signing up with Mettle.
  • Expansion
    Working with Mettle will allow you to grow your business as you will have instant cash available.

Experience a streamlined debtor collection process.

  • Mettle oversees the debtor collection process, allowing you to focus on your core business and day to day operations.
  • We facilitate the speedy submission of the discounted invoices and supporting documents to the Debtors.
  • Our process also reduces your overheads, reducing costs such as communications, postage, freight costs etc.

Receive detailed management reports.

  • You will receive weekly reports, detailing your Debtors Age Analysis, Turnover and Receipts.
  • You continually have insight into your dealings with Mettle 24/7 (full transparency)

Partner with professionals.

  • Mettle has specialist knowledge and experience, underpinned by a skilled and professional team.
  • Mettle’s systems and processes are specifically designed to provide optimal benefit to our clients.