Accreditation on the CTSE

Mettle Corporate and Specialised Finance has been accredited as an equity and debt issuer agent on the CTSE (Cape Town Stock Exchange).

Mettle director William Marais says that in many ways the CTSE mirrors the agility and inventiveness of Mettle which is renowned for thinking differently.

Other than the JSE, the CTSE is the only bourse that is able to offer equity and debt trading, with further attractions for small and medium-sized companies being:

  • Fully licensed and regulated for debt and equity listing.
  • Easy and cost-effective to list on.
  • Has its own registry.
  • Also offers unlisted debt equity services.

Originally launched as 4 A X in 2016, the bourse relaunched to become the CTSE in September 2021. The CTSE is focused on providing a cost-effective platform for small to medium-sized companies to access capital. An early CTSE listing was Alt vest, one of the most disruptive financial technology companies in Africa.

Whether the company is well-established or an ambitious start-up looking for liquidity, the agility of the CTSE is a compelling option as it can save time, cost and complexity.


William Marais