Mettle assists service providers with working capital by purchasing their outstanding invoices, covering a wide range of industries, including amongst others automotive body repairers and entities in the FMCG space.

Mettle has been assisting clients with working capital requirements for over 15 years.

Clients are often faced with a number of difficulties, such as:

Slow-paying debtors

Resulting in less working capital available to operate and grow the business;

Conservative credit facilities

Traditional banks provide a facility on the basis of a company’s balance sheet and ability to offer security instead of its growth potential

Lack of Negotiating Power

Especially when it comes to negotiating favourable early settlement discounts with suppliers.

Sub-optimal debtors collection processes

Debtor collections is not always a key focus of pressured businesses

How Mettle can help

Enjoy the benefits of improved cash flow.

  • Predictable Cash Flow
    Immediate same-day payout – no lengthy waiting periods for payments. Debtors are instantly converted into CASH!.
  • Provides working capital
    With “cash in hand” you will be empowered to negotiate better discounts with your suppliers.
  • Savings
    A flexible savings plan designed for whatever purpose.
  • Lower Debt Costs
    No initiation, raising or administration fees are charged when signing up with Mettle.
  • Expansion
    Working with Mettle will allow you to grow your business as you will have instant cash available.

Experience a streamlined debtor collection process.

  • Mettle oversees the debtor collection process, allowing you to focus on your core business and day to day operations.
  • We facilitate the speedy submission of the discounted invoices and supporting documents to the Debtors.
  • Our process also reduces your overheads, reducing costs such as communications, postage, freight costs etc.

Receive detailed management reports.

  • You will receive weekly reports, detailing your Debtors Age Analysis, Turnover and Receipts.
  • You continually have insight into your dealings with Mettle 24/7 (full transparency)

Partner with professionals.

  • Mettle has specialist knowledge and experience, underpinned by a skilled and professional team.
  • Mettle’s systems and processes are specifically designed to provide optimal benefit to our clients.

Mettle’s simple but effective process.

Mettle Debtors Finance
  1. Client raises invoice to Debtor
  2. Client submits invoice to Mettle for Invoice Discounting
  3. Mettle confirms validity of the Invoice with Debtor
  4. Mettle pays Client Invoice value less fees
  5. Mettle submits Invoice to Debtor for payment
  6. Mettle follows up on the payment of the Invoice with the Debtor
  7. Debtor pays Mettle

There is no obligation on your part to discount all your invoices, nor to use our services for a contracted period.

We operate in all the major centres throughout South Africa, with an experienced team able to provide you with an effective solution tailor made to suit your business requirements.


Marla du Toit

T: 011 671 1940
E: mdutoit@mettle.net

Clearwater Office Park,
Cnr. Christiaan De Wet Road & Millenium Boulevard, Strubens Valley, JHB